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Ruislip is a town in West London, England, which is part of the London Borough of Hillingdon.

It is an ancient ecclesiastical parish in Greater London which lay in the historic county of Middlesex. The parish appears in the Domesday Book, some of the earliest settlements still exist today, designated as local heritage sites. The parish church, St Martin's, dates back to the 13th century and remains in use. The buildings at the northern end of Ruislip High Street form the core of the original village square and are now Grade II listed. It originally featured a central water pump which was moved out of the road in the 1970s as a result of increased traffic.

The expansion of the Metropolitan Railway in the early 20th century acted as a catalyst for development in the area. A station was opened in Ruislip in 1904 and the parish council created a new urban district to address the forthcoming population growth. The Ruislip-Northwood Urban District continued until 1965 when Ruislip became part of the newly established London Borough of Hillingdon. Between 1911 and 1961, Ruislip-Northwood experienced a significant rise in population, from 6,217 to 72,791, largely attributed to the extension of the railway.

Major landmarks in the area include Ruislip Lido, a former reservoir, now an area of public parkland with its own miniature railway and Manor Farm, a settlement dating from the 9th century which is now designated as a local heritage site.

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A laymans view of Ruislip:

Ruislip is a fairly typical example of a London suburb which, apart from the Manor Farm Complex and Lido is unremarkable and has little of note to offer EXCEPT that whereas a lot of London suburbs are "not what they used to be" Ruislip has managed to hang on to being really rather nice, and hence why house prices are so high when compared to some of it's neighbours or comparable areas in say the east side of London.

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