West Ruislip

West Ruislip Station

West Ruislip is a strange place indeed. Consisting of little more than West Ruislip station and large car park if you ask most locals where they live they will say "Ruislip".  The housing stock consists mainly of a large area of RAF housing attached to nearby RAF Northolt and a few roads of mainly private houses and flats, all of which was built in and around the late 1960's. 

Running down the busy High Road towards Ickenham is the occasional shop before the railway station and then over the bridge near it is a very small parade of retail outlets and a pub. It is just beyond the pub that West Ruislip ends and Ickenham starts. 

It was home to a large US Navy base but this has now all been razed and replaced with some flats and more towards Ickenham some very large and desirable houses.

It is a very mixed area and no mistake. 

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