Things to see and do in Ruislip

What does Ruislip have to offer a visitor?

Below are listed a number of things that any visitor the Ruislip might like to see and do. They are presented in no particular order and obviously, depending on where you are staying and if you have a car, accessing them will require a certain amount of forward planning!

Ruislip Lido

Ruislip Lido bust

Ruislip Lido is probably the "Jewel In The Crown" and a visit at any time of year is recommended, although decent weather really is a must to really enjoy it.

There is a car park at the Lido (where you a have to pay to park unless you have a "Hillingdon First Card" and do no park in the surrounding streets as you WILL get a ticket if you park on yellow lines or the gas verges locally). You can get a bus there from Ruislip Bus station (by the Underground station), where the H13 drops you at the entrance or the 331 "Reservoir Road" stop is but a 200 yard walk away from the entrance. (Reservoir Road, which leads to the Lido, is adjacent to the stop on the opposite side of the road.)

There is a web site about the Lido here but in a nutshell it is a large lake (technically a reservoir) with path all the way around and there you will find a pub, a café, a miniature railway (a ride is a joy) a beach (!) plus other attractions. It is VERY popular in the have been warned!

Ruislip Lido Miniature Railway

Within the confines of Ruislip Lido there is Britain's largest 12" gauge railway. A ride on it takes you all the way from one side of the Lido to the other through part of the ancient woodlands that surround the site. Trains run MOST weekends and every day during school holiday periods.

There is a web site with more information here.

The Manor Farm Complex

These beautiful listed buildings my be found at the northern end of Ruislip High Street (so the opposite end to Ruislip Underground station). Here you will find, apart from the buildings themselves, a library, a bowling green, a herb garden, a war memorial and an ancient moat as well as other attractions.

There are sometimes exhibitions held in the building themselves and occasional markets. You will also find a café in one of the building and one or two other businesses. 

The whole area is a delight on a sunny day and an excellent place to while away an hour or so.  

There is a web site link here.

Ruislip Woods

Ruislip Woods are in North Ruislip and actually abut Ruislip Lido to the south side (so the opposite side to the pub and car park). If you look on a map you can see that it is possible to walk through the woods to access the Lido and indeed parking (for free) and walking through the woods to the Lido is an excellent idea. Just head in to the woods from the main entrance near Park Avenue and walk up the main "path" bearing left along any well trodden path you might see and you will arrive at the Lido, but will have to seek out the entrance as it is mainly fenced.

There is a web site here and another (council one) here.

Mad Bess Woods

Mad Bess Woods is basically another part of the large wooded area to the north and north west of Ruislip where, towards the centre of this area the Lido may be found.

To get in to Mad Bess Woods itself go up Ducks Hill Road towards Northwood (so turn right out of Reservoir Road where the Lido is) and up a long hill. At the summit of this hill there are some traffic lights (note the high buttons for those on horseback to operate them!) and on the left here is a car park...and Mad Bess Woods.

There are many theories as to who Mad Bess was and why the woods are so-called but the truthful answer is that nobody actually knows....the history behind the name is lost in time. 

The Polish War Memorial

If visiting memorials to fallen heroes is something you like to do then there are two to seen in Ruislip, the smaller one is down by the Manor Farm Complex (see above) but well down in South Ruislip on the main A40 trunk road you can find The Polish War Memorial. 

By public transport take the E7 bus route and alight at the stop just before the main A40 roundabout (named after the memorial). The memorial is over the road, where near the bus stop there is a zebra crossing, and then turn left towards the roundabout.

Please be aware that apart from the GAA club there is not a lot else to see at this point.

There is a web site with more reading here.

Wealdstone Football Club

Although Wealdstone itself is really part of Harrow the football team had to move when their ground was sold from under them and via various other locations eventually settled at the old Ruislip Manor ground in Grosvenor Vale, Ruislip. 

To find the ground exit Ruislip tube station to the left, go up the stairs, turn left at the top and keep going about 750 yards until you will find Grosvenor Vale on your left. The ground may be found at the far end of it.

There is a web site here

The Tropic At Ruislip

This is a live music venue, where the gigs themselves are held within the club house at Wealdstone FC. For directions see the club ones above.

EVERY Friday evening and occasional Saturdays and Sundays bands may be found playing, anything from Tribute Bands to such luminaries as Paul Young, Jet Harris and Bev Bevan have at some point taken to the stage.

There is a web site here.

London GAA

Near the Polish War Memorial you will find the home of the London GAA club. Both Hurling and Gaelic Football matches are held on this ground which holds close on 2,000 people. 

To get to this ground by public transport you will need to get an E7 bus from Ruislip and alight at the Polish War Memorial stop. The nearest hotel is the Savera in South Ruislip which is about a 30 minute walk away.

There is a web site here.


If you fancy taking in a film then there is a new (2017) 11 screen cinema in South Ruislip.

To get there by public transport take the 114 bus from Ruislip bus station and alight at the stop called "West Mead" which is almost opposite where the complex is. Follow the signs to Asda, it is right next door.

There is a web site with more information here.


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