Hotels in Ruislip

Hotels in Ruislip

The main hotels in Ruislip are listed below. Ruislip Online does not recommend or endorse any of them. They are listed in order of convenience to Ruislip itself and proximity to regular public transport.

Savera Hotel South Ruislip

Savera Hotel South Ruislip

This hotel is very close to SOUTH RUISLIP underground station, where you can get fast trains straight through to the heart of London. To find it from the station exit and turn left, walk under the bridge and it is on your left, about 200 yards walk in total.

It seems to have an identity crisis as it is variously called Ramada London and even Heathrow, (where is is actually quite hard to get to Heathrow from it by public transport!).

There is a web site link here.

Although handy for the Underground and fast trains to the centre of London if you want to get to the main heart of Ruislip you need to exit the hotel, turn left to the traffic lights and left again and get a 114 bus to Ruislip Station, a 15 minute ride away.

It also claims to be handy for the Polish War Memorial and whilst it is the nearest hotel to it is it a good 30 minute walk away. 

The Orchard (Premier Inn)

Premier Inn at The Orchard Ruislip

Not the easiest place to get to by public transport and if you are coming by train although there is a bus from the underground station it might be quicker to walk.

Go to RUISLIP underground station and exit through the bus garage, turning left at the main road. At the traffic lights just by the bus garage go straight across and walk up the gradual hill that is the road called Kingsend (this is a residential street, and it is suggested if there is a gap in the traffic you cross it as it is harder to cross at the roundabout at the far end of it).

At the end of this road you will arrive at a small roundabout and if you look to the right there you will see The Orchard (perhaps through a hedge). The Premier Inn is right behind it and part of the same building. Crossing the roads at the roundabout could be a bit of a challenge as it is a busy junction. 

There is a web site here

If you do not fancy the walk you can get the U1 or U10 bus from the bus station, they depart at the far stop on the left as you exit the station, alight at the stop called "Wood Lane". 

The walk is about 20 minutes, the bus takes around 5 minutes (plus waiting time) and does NOT go via Kingsend.

To get to the heart of Ruislip from this hotel turn left as you exit at the main road (Ickenham Road) and just stay on this road and you will arrive at around the centre of the High Street. Turning left on it will take you down to the Manor Farm Complex, turning right towards the station (but it is a longer walk from there than outlined above).

Other Options

There are some Air-B & B places to stay in Ruislip.