Gardening Clubs in Ruislip

Gardening Clubs Local To Ruislip

There are several local gardening clubs, below are details of those known to Ruislip Online, if you know of any that have been missed, tell us.

Ruislip Central Horticultural Society.


St. Lawrence's Church Hall, Eastcote.


Doors open 7.30pm, Meetings start 8pm. 

See the web site for full details


Membership is £5 per household per year.  
(Small charge at meetings to cover speaker's cost.)

Ruislip Central Horticultural Society - Cacti Section.


Manor Farm Hall, Ruislip. (in the car park)


Third Monday each Month. 

See the web site for full details

Price:  Free if member of Main Society.  Small charge for refreshments.   

Ruislip Pelargonium Society.


Great Barn, Bury Street, Ruislip (in the Stables).

See the web site for full details


 7.30pm, for 8pm, last Friday in each month

Eastcote Horticultural  Society.

Harrow Cactus Society.

The Middlesex Group Of The Hardy Plant Society

The Middlesex Group of the Hardy Plant Society is based in Ruislip. All gardeners that love and enjoy hardy perennial plants, whether they are novice or experienced, are very welcome. There is a full programme of top quality talks and activities arranged for eleven months of the year.

See web site