Some questions about the base you might want to ask....

USAF South Ruislip Commissary
What happened to the base?
It was knocked down some time around the mid 1980's, maybe later. A retail park now stands on the site, there is no trace of anything that was part of the base.

Queensmead school, which was opposite the entrance/exit is still there.
Exiting left from the site along Victoria Road traffic would have come to the roundabout at South Ruislip, this is now the site of traffic lights. The BEA building which stood on this junction has been razed to the ground and a supermarket stands there now.
Exiting right for the base after about 3/4 of a mile a roundabout (Called at the time Kodak Roundabout) would have been reached, where the Eastcote Arms pub was. This pub was demolished in 2017 and flats on the site are proposed. The Kodak factory (hence the roundabout being known locally as Kodak Roundabout) which stood by this roundabout has long since gone, to be replace by a retail park.
What happened to the base at West Ruislip?
Demolished late 2007, early 2008. Housing estate built, no trace at all of the old base there.
What happened to the school in Eastcote?
Demolished late 2007/early 2008. Houses have been built on the site.
There is a page about it on the site at Eastcote MOD.
I am trying to contact/trace somebody, what should I do?
Well it would be churlish to suggest that this is the place to do it, but you never know. If the person you seek has not posted to the site then why not share your thoughts with others, and that might lead to them finding you? There is also the Ruislip Reunited section on the site, you could try/look there.
How do I submit a message for inclusion?
There are two ways, if you want your message to be put on the main message page then you should send Ruislip Online a brief message via the
contact form and we will get back to you with our e-mail address or you can submit a message to appear straight away to the notice board for this section, where this latter board might be best for "Jim seeks George" type messages - so do both!

I want to send a picture

Great. To send a picture go to the contact page and just message us to say you want to send a picture and we will get straight back to you.
Will my e-mail address appear?
No, but we will keep it on file and if anyone wants to contact you let you know.
Will my e-mail address get used for junk mail lists?
Ruislip Online does maintain an e-mail list gathered from people who have visited the site. Ruislip Online NEVER sends SPAM and NEVER sells e-mail addresses. You MIGHT get the odd mailing concerning things to do with either the site, or Ruislip in general (on average four times a year). You may ask to be removed from the list at any time.  
 I have some photographs that might interest others, how do I get them on the site?
E-mail them to Ruislip Online BUT, and it is a big BUT, only e-mail one picture, even if you have 100 that are great. I will then come back to you about getting more from you, as appropriate. Why? Well rather than fill my computer up with files which equally take hours to download I would rather just have one to start with to make sure they are suitable. Preferably in .jpg format - and NOT .tif! By sending them you pass over all copyright, which you equally should own in the first place!

Just go to the
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Can I add something to or remove/alter an earlier posting?
Yes, to the main web site. Altering messages posted the the Bravenet board is less easy and will only be changed if alterations are required for, say, legal reasons or if a faux pas of immense proportions has been made.
Who owns this web site?
A resident of Ruislip, providing a service to local (and distant) people.