Ruislip Online advertising

How to advertise on Ruislip Online

Ruislip Online offers random banner advertising in all sites for £99 per annum, or £80 for just the "main" Ruislip online web site. 

There are six web sites in the "Group", this one, Ruislip Online, the detailed one (that is massive and mainly historical), the images one, which is nothing but hundreds of pictures old and new, the one for Ruislip Lido, another for Ruislip Reservoir and finally Ickenham Online, a smaller web site just for Ickenham. 

Your banner will appear at random like the one(s) below



on more or less every page and sits along side those served by Google.

(If you refresh the page now a different advert will probably show) (Press F5 on a PC)

The income from both types of advertising allows the web sites to develop and thrive. 

If you have a web site then if anyone clicks on your advert it will take them to it.

(If you don't have a web site I can write and host a page for you  - see Kareems as an example of such a page)

Traffic to the web site, like any web site, can vary but over the six sites is probably around half a million visits per annum and I regularly make social media posts to help promote certain pages, and thus the sites in general.

Assuming you are interested then the best way forward is to pay me some money (!) and just tell me you have done so from the advertisers contact page (sorry I don't put the e-mail address on the web site as it just leads to lost of SPAM) and I will get back to you about some artwork, so please include your web site address or tell me you do not have one. I will let you know if there is artwork I can lift. 

I can usually lift something from somewhere that will work as a banner, or write something for you (no extra charge).

Of course you will also get e-mailed over to you an invoice, but please be aware I am not registered for VAT. You can, if you prefer have the invoice first of course.

You can pay by PayPal (and thus a bank card) or by direct bank transfer.

Payment options are shown below - and your "year" starts once we are all happy and your advert goes live.

Advert on just this site

Advertise on just this site for £80 per annum

Advert on All Six sites

Advertise on all six sites for £99 per annum

Pay by bank transfer

HSBC Sort code 40-39-13
Account Number 91410466
Account:- Mr Philip John Duerden
T/A Ruislip Online
If asked it is a business account