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Ruislip (pronounced Rice-Lip) is a suburb of West London

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Ruislip Online was establishing in 1999 and is seen as THE web site for all things to do with the suburb of West London that is Ruislip and encompasses Ruislip, Ruislip Manor, South Ruislip, West Ruislip and Ruislip Gardens.  There is also a major section on this site devoted to Ruislip Lido.


Adverts on this site are, generally, charged at £70 per random banner advert for 12 months, or £120 for a banner advert on all four sites for a year (the three Ruislip sites plus Ickenham Online). If you feel an advert for your business would be beneficial then you are invited to contact us or go to this page to read more about taking an advert.

About the "Ruislip" group of web sites.

There are actually THREE web sites within this group (links below open new windows).

The newest is this one hosted on www.ruislip.co.uk and is designed to tell you all you need to know about the area, with places to stay, things to see and do, and some features on main areas of interest or history.

The older (enormous) Ruislip Online site has now gone and split over this site and parts re-created on the newer software and is appearing here on https://www.ruisliponline.com.

The massive store of pictures acquired over the years can now be seen on www.ruisliponline.co.uk . There are literally hundreds of pictures and items about Ruislip on there - call it digital ephemera! PLUS we also have a site just for Ruislip Lido, and finally a growing web site for Ickenham


Current stuff here (where you are)

Old stuff here

Images here

Ruislip Lido here

Ickenham here

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