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Ruislip Reunited

A number of people, it seems, try to find old friends in Ruislip, especially those stationed at the USAF and USN bases that are (were) in the area.

Ruislip Online now brings you a focal point where you can do that, this is how it works.

In order to make sure the e-mail are valid that go up first you MUST join my e-mail list from this page (link opens new window). If you are already on my mailing list there is an option in the form below to say that you are but do not think of saying you are when you are not as every entry is checked.

Then, below is a form to complete, the results will then go on to this web page manually - so I add them a day or so later..

Please note all sections must be completed and your e-mail address will be displayed on the page

What is great is that if somebody checking in a search engine for themselves (!) then it should find the page! 

Please note the following "rules".


Your Name


Put your name in here (and maiden name if applicable?)
Your present location, e.g. Ruislip, Plymouth, Canada, U.S.A. etc  
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You will be added to my e-mail list if not already on it

Name(s) of person you are seeking (you may enter more than one, or complete this form several times, as you prefer).

You MUST put in at least ONE proper name. Why? If you do not put in one proper name then your entry WILL not get listed

"Anyone who knows me" is NOT OK


Any other persons you are trying to seek, or more information regarding people you are looking for?
Around what date were you last acquainted with this person, and maybe where??? Anything else????

Hit submit ONCE ONLY


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please do NOT hit submit more than once


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Ruislip Online has an amazing presence on the Internet with Google. If you think about it by not putting any names the only way anyone will find you is if they are looking for you. Think about it the other way around. I am sure we have all out of interest put our own name in to a search engine, to see what comes up? Well now, if the person you seek puts in their own name they will stand a much better chance of seeing themselves and contacting you! Try it on Google with the very first entry "Lynne Piddington" . Now granted it is an unusual name and if it were John Smith the results would be different but if this person ever puts in their own name....well the answer is there for them to see, they are being looked for!!