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Bourne Junior and Infant School


Bourne Primary: 1945/46 to 1952 (no such thing as kindergarten then…straight in at 4 years old.).

On the North side of Station Approach between Deane Ave and Bourne Ave.

Wooden structure sort of “C” shaped with detached brick building used as storeroom. Long driveway from Station Approach. Pulled down in late 50’s Not sure but I think it was once a part of “Northolt Aerodrome” as it was called then.
School Crest was the Middlesex three sabres I think.

 Headmistress: Mrs. Buckingham. She was allegedly fired for fixing the 11+ exams, and we had to take them all over again. That was the second time I failed it!!  She also had to break up a fist fight between Mrs. Andrews and the mother of one of the pupils, in the classroom. Not sure what that was all about, but it was exciting if I remember!

Comforted by Mrs Riley during my first days of school. Fell in love with Ms Tivvy when I was 7 3/4. Hated Mrs Andrews... all the time. Abided Ms Buckingham ...... what can I say! If you don't remember me, you will if I reminded you that I was the worst goalie the school's soccer team ever had, and ever has had since, and ever will have I suspect!

bourneprim1.jpg (80857 bytes)

Remember this picture? 

The class of Mrs. Andrews ..ug! Names I think I can remember (and apologize if they're wrong) are: Alec and Donald Frazer (twins with the curly hair) John Tinsdale, Donald Pearson, Me...first on right, second row up! I'm not sure but I think the forth from the right, bottom row, is June Bolton. (sorry if I'm wrong) anyway, she is not sure either. How do I know this? I married her in 1961 and she is here with me right now!! Not sure if Pat Biggs is in this picture. Other names I remember: Pat Nutting (we were strong rivals in sprint) David Snell, Johnny Leach, Sheila Hughes, Janet Davis, Gillian Green, Alan Scott (my best pal.....also at Queensmead.)

bourneprim2.jpg (445951 bytes)

Just thought I would throw this one in. My sisters class, one year up: Maureen Norman, fifth from the right, bottom row. (Hope she doesn't mind!) I think her close friend Janet Wilde is second from the left, bottom row.


Mrs. Riley: - Infants (4 to 6 year olds). Very motherly, gentle and re-assuring to us little kids who were scared out of our wits during the first days of school.

Mrs. Andrews: - Math (8 to 11 year olds) Tyrant…see above!

Ms Tivvy: -English I think. And form for 4 to 8 year olds. (I fell in love with her when I was 73/4) Miss ????: -Music. Got married and became Mrs.?........Made us all sing and kept on about the diaphragm….no comment!!

Mr. Williams: - English…….. good story teller. Introduction to Whinny the Pooh and Billy Bunter…. Boy, are the kids of today missing out. First day of school, went home at lunchtime, thought it had finished, mother took me back!
Later, I was the Soccer: Team Goalie……Was I good? No, the worst goalie in the history of English Schools, you ask the rest of the kids!


Click to enlarge - picture from VE Day 1945

Comments above from Robert, a former pupil

   My older brothers and sisters went to the Bourne Primary school when it was the old cowshed style building off Station Approach/Bourne Court.

The old British European Airways building-Bealine House was originally built as the next Bourne Primary but when the second world war broke out it was decided it was not suitable as a school as it was right in the flight path. My mum worked in this building and it felt like a school to me (very similar in style to Ruislip Gardens Primary school)

Eventually they built Bourne Primary in its current location in Cedar Avenue. It was a great school. I often sat in class staring out the window at the cows and the clouds.

(Comments from former pupil Debbie Armitage)

The school moved to Cedar Avenue in November 1962

The school (today) has its own web site

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