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Hey, I used to live there!

Have you moved away from Ruislip, from England even? If so tell Ruislip Online your old address and a recent picture of your house could feature here. The actual address will not be posted, so you will just have to see if you can remember/recognize it. 

If by chance you spot your house here it means that somebody who used to live in it visits this site, just tell us your address and we will put them in touch with you.

If you are waiting for a picture of your old house to appear, please be patient.



The very astute will notice that the house next door to the featured property has just been sold. I suspect this went for around £190,000! Astonishing? Well no, you see since the person that lived here moved out prices have gone up! Do you think this was just a coincidence? Well let me tell you a story......

This beautiful house is situated near a river, how idyllic....apart from it floods, oh, and there are cars parked outside all the time, and I am sure that round bush moved....jealous...me? Never.

It is clear for all to sea that that car will do 100mph. 

Quick witted, razor, Tom, look - any more for any more???

See above!

Situated in road in Ruislip Gardens named after a local councilor.

On first name terms with Mrs. Thatcher, the old Saint that she was.

See above!!

A road named after a local councilor. Last of the Summer Wine's Kathy and Coronation Streets Kate? 

"Shut your north and ...., put yer foot down and drive...."

There was a second-hand record shop in Eastcote, I wonder if the owner lives here? Lets chase round there and find out.

Be quick or you might cut yourself  Tom. Then you really will Wilt.

Norah, get Cathy and bring her to the Dagenham Dustbin. With Betty perhaps? 

Did Sean Bean star here?

Or maybe here?

Or even here?

A weak moment for this is in Eastcote. This was part of a set so I feel I can get away with it, but it is not a precedent!

Another weak moment, I am losing the plot.

Does Cartman live here? Way off......

Another Lane with a cutting edge to it.

Hello (hello) This (this) is (is) the (the) only (only) point (point) in (in) Ruislip (Ruislip) where (where) you (you) can (can) get (get) a (a) perfect (perfect) echo (echo) -and no I am not quackers - ask me where

The ocean must be heavy here.

You can drive to places north of here, and east and west, but no others.

Harry of the goons? Well it would be fair to say that is not Way off.

The name of this road is based on the Anglo-Saxon Scenlai, Scenlei or Senlai, which means ‘fair or bright clearing or wood’. In the early Middle Ages, south-west Hertfordshire was heavily wooded, with isolated farmsteads or hamlets in forest clearings. This road would have been one of these settlements.

Some say Thatcher was a Saint. Others say that is the wrong Road......



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