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Ruislip Online.

Please now read the comments below: -

I moved away from the house I have just asked to have pictured LESS than five years ago

Generally speaking your e-mail will be acknowledged, provided the e-mail address submitted is valid (i.e. does not bounce!) then your request will be added to the list and next time I am out and about with my camera I will take a snap of your old house. There is no charge for this service, but you are asked to read on.......

THESE REQUESTS CAN TAKE MONTHS TO COME BACK - do not worry, it will NOT be overlooked and you are welcome at any time to check your request is still on the list. They tend to get done in batches!

Your e-mail address will be added to my mailing list, don't worry you can come off the list at any time, but I would mention that I do not write often!

Finally, the job of going out taking the picture, uploading to the PC and posting to the web site takes, on average, say 30 minutes per house. Obviously when you add to this the cost of the fuel for the car to get there and back clearly there is a real outlay, other than just my time.

So how about donating 4 ($8 US) to Ruislip Online to cover these?

You can do this using PayPal from the button below, and if you do not have a PayPal account, well is this not an excellent time to create one? You can read more about PayPal here.

IMPORTANT - If you make the donation this will NOT be to the Ruislip Online e-mail address, it will be to my PayPal account coming from another web site. This need not worry you!!

 One of the "Rules" on the previous page was that if you must have left the house in question more than five years ago. If you left it less than five years ago a picture WILL NOT be taken. BUT I will do it if you make the donation of 4 from the link above - up to you......(you MUST make the donation NOW)

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