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Hey, I used to live there!

Have you moved away from Ruislip, from England even? If so tell Ruislip Online your old address and a recent picture of your house could feature here. The actual address will not be posted, so you will just have to see if you can remember/recognize it. 

If by chance you spot your house here it means that somebody who used to live in it visits this site, just tell us your address and we will put them in touch with you.

If you are waiting for a picture of your old house to appear, please be patient.



This A type Manor home it typical of a lot of homes in the area. Built around 1936 this well built house will have seen only a few changes over the years, such as the roof, doors, windows, wiring, plumbing, kitchen, bathroom........(see house two down)

This house is all white. But the house next door is suffering with having a window erode away over the door. I would move if I were you before the same fate becomes your place. Oh you have.....

Whilst there is nothing about this house that is remarkable if you look at the house at the very top of this page it is next door. Now that means something remarkable....I wonder if these now ex-neighbours know each other??

The person who lives, or lived, here hates his/her neighbours so much they have a rocket propelled grenade poised ready to launch from the roof at all times. (I was told not to mention the ghost....oh heck I did!)

Handy for the library (well was in 2008) and close to the shops there is not much more that one can say about this place, so I will shut up.

I can see no mountains here Mr. Manotvani!

Lana, is that car in the drive a Morris?

(In 1945 it looked like this)                  


Dart inside, here comes a bomb!! (and in 1964...... it looked like this!!)


This house is in Eastcote, sorry Ruislipians, but he did give me lots of good input to the site!!

Ms Bankes I can throw this stone at you - heck I am so close I could throw a rock!

The cafe has now gone - wait that was not spelt like this!

Near the end of a Devon river, a D-elta to start with!

See above!

About as Dull as it gets Vernon (OK you dream up a better one!)

As above

If John Noakes's dog was called Barney and he told it to do what he told Shep to do you would be nearly there!

Daddy Cool was their big hit, sung totally using the gob!

When not singing at the house above it was this one

This Door might have Gordon Jay knocking on it? Enough to Drive you mad.

Married 60 years, that is a long way down the Road.


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The cars in the garage are racing cars (back)