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Third Air Force (South Ruislip)

Pictures taken on USAF South Ruislip, or having a direct bearing/link with there.

Click on images to enlarge (most). Please advise Ruislip Online if links do not work

. . Does anyone know the two individuals above All I can remember is the taller one is called "Tex" and the other one is "Country". If anyone can identify them please let me know. Thank you. Don

. . .



. . .

base7.jpg (82943 bytes)

. . .

base8.jpg (139634 bytes)

Left:- Gen. Curtis Lemay being honoured at South Ruislip. For better protection from German fighters, he came up with the idea of the "box" formation for the U. S. Aircraft when bombing Nazi Germany during WW II.


The pictures to the left and right are of "staff" and friends at the base, are you on one of them???? The one to the left was taken at Douglas house, and that to the right at The Tithe Farm. 











Does anyone know what happened to the model ship??? It used to sit in a glass case inside of the club entrance.    




Above, a picture of the base from 1994


South Ruislip USAF Switchboard
And right the picture after it was "cleaned up" by Jack Williams




Style of coach. Not taken at S Ruislip

My father (Ex Dunkirk Veteran) worked at the USAF base in the late 1950's and drove one of the Observation Coaches. I have attached one of 3 photographs of my dad during that time. The person in the middle is my dad (Douglas Leonard Holman) known around the base as "Pop" or Len. My father died in 1965 so memories / stories start to fade, but I do remember my dad bringing the coach home one day and I went inside (that's about it.. well I could have only been 4 - 5 years old at the time. I have found a couple of letters of commendation for my dad and safe driver awards for two years.



The hospital building is behind these two girls

Guide for those coming to England

Mission Statement

West Ruislip and Croughton

Information on Denham and South Ruislip

The Hospital at South Ruislip

Pottery Making at West Ruislip

Bowling Alley at South Ruislip

Don Campbell, Gerstenlauer and Warren Thurn



If you have found this page of interest then you can see a number of pictures more loosely related to Ruislip and sent in by one visitor here

The North Hillingdon Musical Society put on various concerts at USAF South Ruislip and USN West Ruislip - click the link to see pictures

Adding your own pictures of the base

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