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Advertise here 45 a year, same price for a banner


Advertising on

Taking an advert on Ruislip Online could not be simpler!

Get an advert like the coloured ones above, or the randomly appearing banner below them NOW! (examples below).

Tab Example

TABs appear on just about every page

Banner example. These appear at random below the TABs - the more banners the less often yours appears - but the better the dramatic effect!!

The cost is 45 per annum (VAT does not apply)

All you do is fill out this form if you have your own web site already

or this form if you presently do not have we web site - and we do the rest!!
(You have to have your own web site to get the banner option)

When you fill out a form all it does is generate an e-mail to me, but gives me the information to get the ball rolling

Not sure? Read This!!!!

 ruislip.co.uk, gets around 1,400 visits per day, or just under half a million hits a year.


The answers to some possible questions are shown below.

How many people will see my advert?

At the last count the page viewing per day were running at around 2,700 per day (correct as at June 2014) - the counter was removed as the number was so high it became meaningless! Obviously if you elect to take the far larger random banner this number will reduce as they appear at random.

Can I word my tab how I want to

For discussion. If you are an estate agent doing, for example ONLY lettings then "lettings" could run along side "estate agents" on different tabs......It also has to fit in the tab!!! You should, if possible, provide your own artwork for the banner.

I need a free web site - is it really free - there must be a catch!!!???

Well sort of, yes it is free but I am not about to write a full all singing all dancing web site for nothing! So I will write something fairly simple, with contact details, address and a "This is what we do" look about it - rather like, say, an advert in the paper you might place. Here is a free one I wrote and host

I have is guesthouse in Penrith (etc.), can I advertise it on your site? Is there anything you will not advertise?

A guesthouse in Penrith is fine. The only kind of advertising we will not accept is that of a product that visitors might find offensive, such as adult web sites.

What happens after my advert expires?

We write to you and invite you to renew it, almost certainly on the same terms. However they are removed straight away, but can be back up in minutes.

Will somebody come and see me?/I should like somebody to call and see me to discuss this advert.

I think one has to look at this from a practical point of view. If I need to collect information from you and you are in Ruislip and the information cannot be posted or e-mailed easily then I will call. But at 45 for a year it is obvious that if I had to spend ages discussing requirements with people any "profit" would soon have gone! Each request is treated on its merits, but mail/e-mail is by far the best way for me. If you want to speak to me go to the general enquiry form and provide me with a telephone number, or try calling me on 020 8707 2256.

Can I have an advert on a specific page - I see there are some already on the site

Yes, but I only offer very limited featured adverts. Ask

Can I have a tab and other page specific sponsorship?

You can if space is available.

Can I have a TAB and banner.

Yes, just apply (and pay for) both.

What if something changes in the meantime, such as my phone number, or address.

No problem, if something changes just let us know and we will update your banner or web page. As long as the number of changes does not become onerous then this would be free. By example suppose you are a car dealer with a small web site on Ruislip Online and your phone number changes, no problem, or you decided to add Lada cars to the list of brands you now sell, again no problem (well apart from the obvious one with your brain!). What will not be free would be if we we asked to display a list of cars presently on offer and kept on being asked to change them, such a site would be charged differently.

If my business closes may I have a refund?

Sorry, no.


Not registered.

Ruislip Online's ethical advertising policy

Ruislip Online operates on an ethical advertising basis. Should we receive any complaints about the service or conduct of any advertiser where we think that the good name of Ruislip Online could be called in to doubt by our carrying an advert for that person or company then, provided after investigation we are satisfied that the complaint is justified, and that the advertiser has acted in a way that we see as inappropriate, then that advert will be removed without notice.

In the event that such action is taken then Ruislip Online will refund to said advertiser on a pro-rata basis for any full months advertising.

My question was not answered by the ones above

If you want to buy a TAB or banner click on the link at the head of this page which best suits your present situation, this will start a dialogue (although you can do the whole thing right here right now including paying).

Get your advert NOW!!

All you do is fill out this form if you have your own web site already

or this form if you presently do not have we web site - and we do the rest!!
(You have to have your own web site to get the banner option)


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